Jumping Through Waves

By Devon

When you are jumping through the large waves,. There are three main ways for jumping the big waves, first, if they are medium waves you will be able to jump them, you should try to keep your head above the water too.

Second, you can jump through the waves that are about to crash on you.  Third, you can jump under the even larger waves, that is when it IS crashing on you so you won’t get crushed. Though there is yet another one that is not a main, think about this, a big one is ahead of you and it already crashed so there is a wall of white foam and water spaying at you. This is when you stand your ground and try not to get swept away in the after pull. An after pull is when you are in the middle of the wave and the wave is pulling you with it.  

Now I should try how to explain how to do these things.  If you are jumping, you should jump really high as you are half a yard away from it, then spiral so the splash doesn’t get in your face and keep your head above the water.
 When you go through the waves it is quite simple, you just get a big breath and jump straight in, remember to keep your mouth shut. Last but not least is when you go under, for this you wait until you are half a yard away and (take a deep breath) dive under the wave. Don’t worry about hitting the bottom because the wave will lift you up in the process. It does this because the wave is like a barrel that’s spinning so if you are at the bottom of the barrel and you have enough momentum, you will be twisted upright and spat out of the water.