By Devon
Yesterday when we were walking down a beach I spotted a weird blue thing and thought it was a shell. I almost picked it up but I noticed that it was a jellyfish. I was really freaked out because well,,, it was a jellyfish but it was blue. I picked up a stick and started scraping the sand off and it started to look like a man o' war jellyfish, so we all started looking at it and suggesting types of jellyfish it could be. So we decided on the man o' war jellyfish and kept walking. But later on down the beach we saw 8 more of them and I bet none of us wanted to go swimming-or even go in the water. This was our last day on this island and it was very fun too, I am excited when we arrive in Florida.                    
 WE climbed up one of the Live Oaks.  They used trees from this island to make the USS Constitutuion....old Iron Sides (because cannon balls bounced off her sides)