We traveled from mile marker 135 (Belhaven) to Mile marker 205, Beaufort, today.  Winds were 15-20 knots for most of the trip, but subsided at the most open water part!!!  The wind was helpfull today.  It was a North east wind that pushed along in the Neuse river.  With an early start, 6:30, we were able to have our anchor set by 4:00 and go exploring and see some wild horses!!!  Beaufort is a very busy marine area.  Commercial fishing and easy access to the ocean with well protected ports makes it an ideal fishing area.  
    The draw back to the area is shallow water.  There are places with  2 to 3 miles of open water with only 1 foot of water at low tide.  There was a sand bar in our channel at one point, and lucky for us, it was low tide and we could see it, however, at high tide, it would be a serious hazard.  Tides are 4 feet here.

We spent some time in the Adams creek Canal.  Had a favorable current and cruised along at 8.5 knots at times!!
Passed a bunch of commercial fishing boats, as well as deep sea fishing boats.

Saw a few dolphins in the Canals
Kids went on shore to see what they could find.  They discovered some Wild horses.

These are not found in Canada.

A busy anchorage, with some unique boats.