We are now Half way between the Chesapeake bay and Miami (Biscayne Cay..where we will cross over).
so we Celebrated with some Mini Pies.  We make regular pie dough and pre cooked it in a muffin tin to make mini pie shells.  Then filled them with a precooked Bumble berry pie filling (strawberry, blue berry, and Raspberry).  They were great!

We tied up at a marina on Hilton Head Island and had my Cousin Debbie pick us up. A land of nice weather year round, great golf courses and a big sandy beach.   It was great to visit her and her family.  We had a great time with some Great Food!  She and Steve have two kids who are just a bit younger than Devon and he had a great time playing with Bailey and Morgan.  We got to hang out in their hot tub, Made s'mores in a fire pit (complete with fire ants!!), a great secret family recipe for dinner of Artichokes and Shrimp.  We put their laundry machine to the test and got everything clean.  It was nice to have some elbow room and other people to talk to.  They were such great hosts.  We took a trip down to the beach, but didn't have the greatest weather.  It was overcast and a few sprinkles, but it didn't stop the kids from swimming.  A few dolphin swam by just a few yards from the kids.



We did see some Alligators in a local pond, but we didn't have our camera.  The Gators have a favorite food of local Dog and are about 3-5 feet long.  There are also lots of little Gekos so we included a picture of that instead.  Next mission: Get a Gator Picture!!!

The beach was very different than most beaches we have been too.  The sand had extremely fine particles of sand that really packed together when the tide went out.  With an 8 foot tide, combined with a slow sloping ocean floor, low tide produced a beach a hundred metres long.  And the hard sand was hard enough to ride bikes on, as many of the locals do, along with lots of rentals.  

One lady saw our kids in the water and came up and said "Your kids are swimming, you must be Canadian too."  She was from a town just 20 minutes from our house.  Small world.