On Feb 2,
By Sahara
  we headed back up to Highborne Cay, where we had planned to visit with our friends the Morrison’s.

 And, since almost the entire eastern side of the island is beach… to go and claim it. And it was awesome, because no one was on this amazingly soft-sanded beach. The water was a warm 76 degrees F (which is roughly some number above 0 in Celsius), which made us think of how everyone back home must be freezing what with all the snow and ice. I’m kidding; actually, no thought was spared for our fellow Canadians. Anyway, we spent the majority of the rest of the afternoon in the water, or in the case of the parents, sitting on the beach. We had brought body boards, so that was also awesome, since the waves were 3-4 feet high- or the larger ones.  And from looking through these pictures, I just realized how tanned we are, and we still have 4 months to go.



After everyone managed to get sufficiently burned, we headed back to the boats where we had an amazing diner of stone crab claws, lobster, and chicken. We also managed to devote a bit of our camera time to sunsets… I think in the 10 minutes we went for a walk we successfully got at least 5 times that many pictures. Because, you know, it changes every 7 seconds. Yes, I might have exaggerated.

The next day we left Highborne, and headed down to Normans Cay for a change in scenery. Again, like all islands in the Bahamas- seeing as we have seen nothing that contradicts this, it is what we believe to be true- it had great beaches. However, it wasn’t as exciting as Highborne, mainly due to the lack of waves and such. Again, had another great dinner that night, and managed to successfully get Aaron to agree to us buzz-cutting his hair.