For the past 2 days we have been staying in a lovely marina at Highbourne Cay. Highbourne was considerably larger than Allan’s Cay, meaning that you couldn’t see the other side of the island at any given time. Well, you probably could if the hills were not in the way. Yes, Highbourne is mostly just a bunch of hills, hence the name. The
first day we were here we saw some sharks. Not just any one shark, swimming by fast enough that it’s hard to really distinguish what it is. More like a… would it be called a pack? Or a school? Either way, it was a large group of sharks, maybe around 15. They were just hanging out at the end of the fish cleaning dock. For good reason, as later the fishing boats came in and were cutting up the huge fish, throwing the scraps to the sharks.
After that, we decided to go for a 
swim farther down the beach from the sharkies. Not very exciting; there was no fish, or sharks, or anything of the sort. However, there were lots of sand dollars. Which, again, are not too exciting after you’ve dug up 10 of them and find out they are somehow turning your hand yellow. After that, we went back to the boat and had a wonderful diner of steak.

        The next day wasn’t too different than the last. We took some bikes over to the eastern ocean side of the island and went swimming. We had a 3 mile beach all to ourselves!  The sand was very fine, and with the wind blowing as it was, it got on and into everything.
 Back at the boat, we found out it was Mom’s Mom’s 
Mom’s 100th birthday, so Dad, being dad, decided it was the perfect occasion- or the perfect excuse- to make a chocolate cake. So we had cake and pizza for diner. 

Parting Shot:  Above the fish cleaning station: