The repair work is finally done!!!!!  We had the work done by Yachting Bliss who are located next to the Sands Harbor Hotel and Marina.  They moved around some other jobs to get ours done as soon as they could.  It took us a week to get quotes and then the O.K. to get the work started.  Then a week to get the work done.  We start Heading north tomorrow at 7:00 am.  Will go through 14 bridges in only 30 miles!!!  that along with Holiday traffic and crazy boaters.  It will be interesting.

After that we may jump out into the ocean and get further north faster.

Here are some pictures:
The entire railing got twisted, so the port side was pulled back and the starboard side was pushed forward.  Many of the joints had split welds for all the torque involved.  The other boat got caught in a strong current and slowly pushed into the dingy that has hanging on the davits.  That then pushed on the railing.  The Solar panel got twisted as well.


It took us a few hours to take everything off the railing.