On bald head island we rented a golf cart so we could drive around to go to stores and parks.
 We first went to go to a grocery store to get some lunch things and chips, when we were done we went to the boat to change into a swim suits and left to go to the beach. The beach was really cool because it had a big drop off at the beginning and later on it would come back up in a sand bar and it would be around 1 ½ feet deep so this is where the waves were crashing, it was a very nice beach.

  Later that night mom said that we could go to the woods and I could drive around there, since I normally need a drivers licence to do it.
 Once we got to the woods, we could see and hear what seemed like a million squirrels, so much that I nearly ran over one. On one loop I scared mom and she freaked out a bit. We did about 6 loops and I did really good on all of them. When it was time to go back to the boat we switched places and drove back to go return the golf cart