We traveled up to Baltimore, well almost there.  We anchored a short distance away so we could arrive in the morning.

Somebody saw our Canadian flag and came out to meet us and Willy was a super nice guy.  Offered us a slip up in Baltimore and a ride in town, etc...  

Passed under a big bridge on the way.

Most importantly, WE CAUGHT FISH!!!!!  1 blue fish and one Striped bass.  Both 12 inches long.  Threw back the striped bass.  Ate the Blue.  
Forgot to take a picture of it in all the excitement!  oh well

For dinner, we had hamburgers on fresh home made rolls.
There were amazing.   The engine room is a great place to raise the bread.   A simple white bread with a nice crusty crust.  We ate burgers and watch the Two Towers on TV.