February 27th, we made it to George Town.

A 50 knotical mile trip, and used 3 gallons of fuel.  A great wind for the day.  We woke up in a very rough anchorage, that had no protection from west winds.  however, after going through the cut to the other side, we had super calm water with 12-15 knot winds coming from the west.  We were sheltered by the island chain and were cruising at 6-7 knots.  We did not put up the mizzen sail, as the speed was suppose to be the right speed for trolling for Mahi-Mahi.  No fish, one lost lure from a hit though.  So we saved enough on fuel that we could go buy some fish.

We are now anchored in the George town area with hundred of other boats.  We have restocked our food supplies today and checked out the town a bit.  

Enjoy your weather, we are!!!   It was -23 C at our home today.  So happy to be here.