We finally cut our ties to land and sailed away.  We had a beautiful sunset our first night.  A short trip out into the river, nice, safe, protected location.  The next morning, we went to Obersons to fuel up.  90 gallons later we were off.  We learned a few things on this trip.  One, the boat can't back up in a straight line to save our lives.  I went down the wrong dock way to get to the fuel dock and had to back up.  Not a very pretty sight, but nothing was hit, and we did not go aground.
We tackled 4-5 foot seas after rounding Point Lookout and headed North.  The winds were out of the North at 15-20 knots, (Apparent was 20-25).  We had some big splashes over the large waves. 

total Trip was 45 miles, about 7 hours of travel, including fueling up.
Fun to see 2 inches of water come over the bow as we plowed through some large waves. (I can only say that after I am now on dry land).

But the boat came through the adventure very well.  We learned about things that need to be tied down, a few leaks to fix, and that the dodger and bimini are fantastic!  We were nice and dry from the spray, and there was A LOT of spray.  The boat goes through the big waves very nicely. 

We all slept well after a good dinner out.  No body wanted to cook.  Now to get the fridge fixed.