Oct 4
We went and anchored away from a city.  Although the city had some fun things to offer, we didn't like the jack hammers at 8:00 sharp, the police sirens at night, the helicopters over head, and the pollution.  The storm drains all run directly into the harbor.  There are designated boats going around picking up the trash all day.  And there is a nice film of oil on the water as well.  When driving up to the city you could see the haze in the air form the pollution.  

The Eastern Neck Island National Wildlife Refuge is mostly a nesting place for birds, water fowl more specific.
This park was a little less populated
We caught (Tara) 6 perch fish.  Average size, on grass shrimp and minnows we caught in the tall grass.
Always feels more rewarding when you catch your own bait first, then the fish.

There was no real place to go ashore, so it was just a good exercise of kayaking.  Again, we forgot to take pictures of the fish we caught.  Probably, because they were not that big and not too exciting.  The did taste good!
We had so little wind, that the boat at anchor was controlled by the current. 

 We had a first, we started up the Generator !!!!!!  We have been really nervous about it.  It is a diesel generator, 5kw.  It can put out more electricity that we could possibly use at 1/3 to 1/4 the fuel use of the Engine.  It is also much quieter and less disruptive.  It starts with a switch on the circuit board control area.  Very easy to use.
  It means we can use any type of electrical appliance we want or need.  As well as heat the hot water tank at the same time.

So we made a chocolate cake to celebrate the generator running, my parents selling their beach cottage, Acadia's birthday, and well.....we just like chocolate.  We made it from scratch of course, and it was very very good.  Sahara and Tara made the cake.