When we arrived at Bimini, we decided to go exploring. Bimini is 8 miles long, and 200 yards wide, so it wasn’t exactly a long exploration. But there were some pretty interesting things to see. Like the all-green house. In case you haven’t noticed, I am easily entertained by house colors. Anyway, there was the beach on the western side, where we took lots of pictures of the blue water. We need to imprint it in our mind and cameras, because we aren’t going to be seeing it for a very long time.

And we saw the Dolphin House. No, it’s not an aquarium, as the name might suggest. It’s actually a house. A house that has been completely covered with mosaics. Even the underside of the roof. And supports built out of coral and rocks and conch shells. And pretty much whatever else he found on the beach, or had been given to him by people. But it’s very hard to do justice with just words. And the pictures might not even completely cover it, but they sure do a lot better job at it than the words.

So some background on the house. Its been made over 23 years, and it’s still an ongoing process. Made by Ashlee, who’s done most of it by himself. It’s been through 4 hurricanes, and still standing. Needless to say, it’s a very strong house. And the owner has a lot of dedication. And that’s all I can remember, so I guess this is the end of this very short blog post.