We’ve had some unexpected problems, but nothing too major. Still, we had to head back to the states early to get them fixed. At our last marina docking in Bimini, some motor yacht hit the back of our boat while we were visiting with the Morrison’s.  So the railings are all pulled out, and parts of the deck are coming up, and the dinghy is slightly warped. But don’t worry, thanks to our aluminum dinghy, we scratched up their boat pretty bad. Broken windows, scrapes, and the like.

So we are now back in Fort Lauderdale, and are officially checked into the States again- although the actual customs took about 10 minutes, we were waiting for a taxi for the next hour and a half. Although we did celebrate with ice-cream. Anyway, just a short update this time! We’ve done nothing too exciting lately, and the crossing went fine. Sooo, byee.