October 29th
We stopped in Deltaville, at the Deltaville Marina.  If you have access to nautical charts, or perhaps zoom in on Google earth, the entrance is CRAZY.  We touched ground a few times on the way in and out.  Great for motor boats, not so great for Sailboats.  Marina had a courtesy car that we used to go pick up our parts and then took the time to do a few more repairs and upgrades.  Finished the generator and installed LED spreader lights.  Very bright for very little power.  Changed out the anchor light for an LED light (1/20th the power!!!!), and replaced the other nav light on the front of the mast (Steaming light, about 3/4 the way up).  Never fun to go up the mast, but the kids are great at getting my up there.  Good thing they are so strong.

How many people does it take to change a light bulb?  4.  One goes up the mast, one hold the safety line, one grinds the winch, and one tails the main line. (the horizontal bars, the spreaders,  are about 30 feet up the mast)

Generator is now fixed! (we also now have a spare one for the next time!!!)

We also installed an LED cockpit light, a light for the swim platform, a new bilge pump and automatic switch...again, backup carbon monoxide detector, new towel bars in the bathrooms, one way valve on the fuel system to the engine so the generator can't suck the fuel out of the engine, and a new anchor fair lead (A big thick line that attaches to the chain and then ties to the boat.  This line is easy to replace and takes all the ware and tare when anchored so you don't have to replace the entire anchor line).

Kids snuck up on a Heron on the dock....well, I guess he knew they were there, just didn't care.
  For fun...go look up the sound a Heron makes.  It is soo distinct and beautiful.......that only it's mother would appreciate.

They really sound like this.  Like an elephant trying to roar through it's truck, but a bullfrog that was eating a diesel bull dozier was stuck in it's trunk.  

I guess, if a bird gives up so much to look so graceful, it had to give up something else.