Dads birthday


As some of you may know, Wednesday, April 2 was dads birthday. A big 41. So we celebrated this by making a double layered cake. For those of you who want to know how we went about this, here are the steps:

1.     1.  Find cake mix boxes.

2.      2. Mix them

3.      3. Oh my gosh Word automatically puts in the list numbers

4.     4.  Test batter to ensure safety of crew

5.       5.Overfill cake pans. Put in oven

6.      6. Have cake batter overfill and spill everywhere on oven door

7.      7.Burn yourself taking them out of said oven

8.       8.Frost

9.       9.Take messed up family photo

10.  10.Eat

There you are, a true Haas family procedure. By the way, the picture below is the best out of the ones we have. Dad and Devon just refused to make a good face in the same picture. So we have to make do with what we have (we already ate all the cake so we can’t exactly redo). So if dad looks a little bug eyed and overexcited.. Im sorry.