By Sahara

Yesterday we set off in the amazingly snazzy dinghy to go to the island. Since it was warm and practically no wind at all, we decided it was going to be a beach day. To get to the beach you had to walk through a maritime forest, which consisted mostly of live oak and small palm shrub type things and Spanish beards. Then you had to walk over the dunes-they didn’t let you walk on the dunes for fear of erosion-, and then you got to the beach. It wasn’t a very inhabited beach; we only saw a few groups of people. And ghost crabs. And horseshoe crabs. So we didn’t have much company.


Since there was not much wind, it was not a rough day for the ocean shore. At least, that’s what it looked like from the sand. When you got in the 68 degree water, the waves looked much bigger. But, they were very fun when you got completely wet and were used to the water temp, so when the waves broke on you it didn’t feel completely like a bulldozer from the ocean depths was trying to make you into a driveway. What was the best though was when you barely made it past the wave before it broke, and when you looked back you saw the wave break on the person behind you. Very fun indeed…

Running on the Beach


Then mom got cold and made us walk down the beach for 30 minutes, which was when we found a strange hole in the sand that we thought must have been made from an alien but was actually a type of crab- ghost crab. So we had to dig the poor crabby out of its hole and torment it-kidding- and take a picture of it.

 Then to carry on with this amazing day- which we found out later was snowing at home. Haha suckers!!!- we had to walk all the way back, eat our lunch, go back in the water, watch some snaily things dig in the sand, then walk all the way back to the dinghy. It was about 4 in the afternoon, to give you an idea of time. We made tacos for diner, and watched Iron Man 3, and went to bed. Tada! 

P.S. I found an orange tree!