By Sahara

                Today was the complete opposite of yesterday, as it was cold and had 30 knot gust winds. So when mom made us very yummy muffins-in case you haven’t noticed, we looove our muffins- we decided to go back to the island and explore the woods. The woods were very cool, with the Spanish moss and huge old trees and the palm shrubberies, and looked like it would be perfect for a Halloween party or celebration.

This island was said to have 3 types of poisonous snaked- no, no one died-, armadillos- aka, pokadilloes- , deer, horses, alligators, bobcats, and falcons. We did see a snake, but it slithered away before we could see what it was. And we did see deer and bobcat tracks, however no live evidence. And we also saw evidence of alligators, in the form of bones in a pond, but no living biting gators. However…. We did see horses!!! Not so much wild, as they would come right up to you and would not run away from you. But there were at least 8 or so horses that we saw- chestnut, bay, white, yellowy colored- and were very cool. They had been on the island for about 100 years, when the last owner of the mansion dies, and said in her will for all the horses to be set free.  I think I used up most of the battery taking pictures… Dad got mad at me because then he couldn’t take many pictures of the ruins. Meh. Horses are so much cooler anyway.


 So we continued our hike through the woods- my use of the camera prohibited- and finally came back to the dinghy. Then we had the agonizing journey back to the boat into the waves and wind and spray. But we made it. And now I’m finishing up the shortest blog post I have ever written out of the 6 or so I HAVE written. Wow, I must have something wrong with me, usually I write onto the second page but I’m still on the first! *sigh*