On Wednesday, the 19, mom left to Canada. She left to go see her mom who was having cancer treatment in Peterborough for a week. It was ok though, because we other peoples were going to see our cousins!! Yaaaaa!  They were getting to great guana cay later this afternoon so, we were going to prepare the house and stuff. We left as soon as we got to the boat to get to the other island, which was about 1½ hour ride. When we got there we got moored, ate lunch, and rented a golf cart to the house, the house was huge! It had 3 stories, including the balcony at the top with 3 bedrooms including which had 5 beds… and a 30 second walk to the beach, perfect!
 After the tour, we went to get groceries, all of which included 3 casually placed ice cream bars.

 When we got back to the house again we started making dinner, which was spaghetti and meat sauce, with brownies. When the cousins came we had some fun by playing games and giving them a tour.  We also played a game of things which was funny too. The next morning me and sawyer played some games and went spearfishing, which he really liked, we caught a lobster and a couple lionfish.
 We through back the lionfish but kept the lobster for a snack for later. The next couple days were awesome, every day we went to the beach to play in the waves or go bodysurfing, or we would go spearfishing again. One day we went to a mystery island on the boat and me and sawyer made a tiki hut, it was fun.

Another day we rented a golf cart again to play with and me and sawyer really got the hang of it, we went full speed all the time.
 We also rented some bikes to ride on and they were fun too. On some of the days we made pies, 4 pies (plus atleast 4 brownies). They were chocolate, key lime, tart, and coconut( with fresh coconuts ).
 On the 4th day we had a mega bonfire, with a whole bunch of wood and leaves (and marshmallows). The girls even made torches for us yaaaa! On the last day I went with the cousins on the ferry back to marsh harbor because dad and Sahara and Meridian went on the boat 3 days earlier, but the ferry was a high speed one and we got there fast, in a matter of minutes. When we got there they met up with us and we said goodbye, then went to pick up mom.