Jan 18th
By Devon
On Saturday, January 18 we arrived at Rose Island and my mom and I set out on our dinghy to a rocky long island. We found out that it wasn’t rock, it was actually old and dead coral, we found this out by chopping of chunks and seeing small shells, big cone-like shells, and this weird centipede like creature only a lot bigger and weird tentacles growing out the bottom.

 Most of the island was like this until I spotted a small clearing in the trees which led a beach like area, once we got to the beach, we saw a large area of mucky sand and further on there were little and big mounds of dirt from which a digging creature could’ve created. In between the mounds of dirt were little pools of water where grew seaweed and weird upside down jellyfish that were on the bottom and grew leaf like tentacles which probably were used to lure small fish to it could paralyze them. A bit further on was a big wreck that got split in two when it crashed, the chunks of metal were around a year on basing from all the seaweed growing on it. After we checked out the wreck we set out back to the boat in our dinghy. 


I found out that the centipede creature was actually a fuzzy chiton, the fuzzy chiton is not a snail, it is actually a species of chiton. The chiton is normally spotted in the tidal zone, meaning that when it is low tide, it will be out of the water but at high tide it will be in the water. The chiton hard shell has a rock like color so it will blend in with the nearby rocks. Its foot is a sponge like material that can be eaten or used as bait to catch fish.  I think that it should not be eaten based on what it looks like, I think it should be used as bait instead.