Belhaven Memorial Museum


Today we went to the Belhaven Memorial Museum, as it was a cold windy day and we had nothing better to do. The entire museum is a collection of some kooky lady, though it’s actually very interesting. She collected EVERYTHING. Literally. But before I tell you about that, I’ll give you some history. This lady, who people called Mrs.Why, collected for 70 years. She died at age 93 in 1962, which was old for that time. Though I think she could have done something better with her life than collect 30 000 buttons. Her husband- yes, someone was crazy enough to marry her- was an international shipper, so that was how she collected most of the stuff, for lack of a better word. Her collection consisted of petrified bodies- such as a fawn, 3 human embryos at different stages, frogs, 2 headed pigs, 1 eyed pigs, 8 legged pigs (yes, I feel bad for pigs) – spoons, a bear bitten bucket, shells, guns, a dress that would fit a 700lb lady, and I shouldn’t go on for you will be reading this for 6 months. But my most favourite collection- and I’ll admit that I was jealous- was the bones. Cow skulls, dolphin skulls, whale skulls, many many skulls, snake skeletons, and cow horns. And I think that there was a mammoth tusk or something on a wall, but I was not aloud to investigate. Oh yess, and how could I forget- the fleas dressed up as if for a wedding. I will never think of weddings the same way again. I mean, who really wants to devote time to play dress up with little jumping blood-sucking itchy creatures?? Anyway, I wouldn’t want to eat at her house, especially if what I was eating came out of jars. Oh, and she didn’t have to worry about flooding, as she had a 1000lb anchor in her collection too. Don’t ask me why, i really don’t know. Actually, I don’t think anyone knew. But if you ever get the chance to visit the museum, you should, as it’s a must see to believe thing. And the guy in the museum could probably use some company.