There has been a terrible ice storm in the Toronto area (our home) the last few days.   Aver 2 inches of freezing rain, plus a few inches of ice pellets, snow, and other yucky stuff.  So we felt bad for the people stuck back home.  So to get an idea of the terrible icy conditions and slushy mix of stuff that would be on the road we:
(actual picture from back home from our tenets)

(by Devon)The next day was a lot of shopping and we got a whole bunch of pinot-coladas mixes because at home there was a huge ice storm and we celebrated by having ice-drinks, it was so good we had about 3 of them including a mix of pinot-coladas and strawberry which was also great. 

(our version of icey and slushy

(Now by Sahara)
Okay, just to set things straight. Dad is making me write a blog post on cheeseburgers. Lets see how well this turns out.

So dad was listening to this song; Cheeseburger in Paradise(by Jimmy Buffet), and decided we had to make some. So we went shopping for meat and pickles and cheese and other stuff. Then we cooked the meat and made brownies and all that other stuff while listening to the song. Actually, it turned out really well. But there is not really much you can write about cheeseburgers, so I guess this is the end of the blog post.