Charleston, South Carolina, Nov 12

Yesterday we got to Charleston around 1 in the afternoon. We had to dock somewhere as there were reports for bad weather that night and today. (20-30 knot winds, really cold). So when we got all tied up, we decided to head into town and look around. We had to take a shuttle bus into town, as it was far away and over a massive bridge. So when we got into downtown, the first shop when we got off was the Fudgery, (Now my computer is being stupid and saying that fudgery is not a real word. What does it know) and it smelled so good that we had to go in to get a piece… which was really good too. Then after our very energizing fudge, we headed off to the book store (we kind of prioritized our sightseeing a bit). This was the time that everyone in downtown Charleston decided to go running, and we had to fight our way through. Devon almost walked into one- these runners will not stop for anything except red lights and fire trucks… and maybe trees. So we finally got to the store- with no casualties- we browsed for about an hour. Though this book store sucked as I could not find the book series I wanted! And since all this nothing made us hungry, we headed back out into the sea of marathonies and tried to find a somewhat decent restaurant. We decided the best one was the one with a line outside of it, of course. It was a seafood restaurant called Hayman’s Seafood, which specialized in... seafood. It was one of the best seafood restaurant I’ve ever been to, I got tuna, dad got flounder (a whole flounder, literally), Devon got shrimp, and mom got this dish that had enough food to feed Africa. It consisted of crawfish, clams, shrimp, sausage, and corn. After dinner, we had to go out and wait for the bus to come pick us up, and brave the windy bridge. It was starting to get windy, and this bus was 20 years old, so it sounded like it was going to explode at any minute. However, we managed to get back to the marina without anyone getting sued, and then went to bed as seafood makes you tired.


Charleston South Carolina, Nov 13.


It was so cold when we got up, we could see our breath in the air. And dad said he was frozen to his bed. Though he eventually got up and made us biscuits. Then we went out to brave the wind.. again.. and head back into town to visit some more places. We went to the Confederate museum (Confederates were the people in the south of America during the civil war, Unions in the north), the Exchange Building and Dungeon (more civil war and revolutionary war stuff), and the Old Slave Mart (about the slavery). They were all interesting in different ways: the Confederate had swords, the Exchange had a dungeon, and the Slave Mart was both interesting and sad. Though I still can’t believe that the south thought that slavery was a good thing to do, they must have twisted minds. At the Dungeon, it was from the time when Britain still controlled America, and they kept pirates in the jail. When Britain’s took over the town, the people of Charleston hid all their ammunition-gunpowder, 50,000 pounds of it- in a hole in the dungeon. And the two years that Britain controlled the town, no one found it. Then when the war was over, they came back and dug up the 40,000 pounds that were still usable. After the museums, we were starting to get hungry, so we went to a wings place called Sticky Fingers. It was also very awesome, and with their 5 signature sauces that they had out for us to use- I dumped the hot sauce on the floor- it was even better. Not to mention the giant nacho plate they brought out as well. When we were finished, we headed back to the boat, with a short side stop to take some pictures of the aircraft carrier Yorktown, where we find me writing this scarily long blog post. Oh well.
Proof it is usually warm here, blooming flowers