November 12 and 13th 


Yesterday when we arrived at Charleston, it was really hot and was after a long day of traveling and we were pretty tired, but we still explored the town and the first place we went to was the hotel. We went to the hotel because there was a trolley there so we could go into the town. The first place we went to was the fudge store (where they make fudge and you can watch them do it, yaay!) and so we got some fudge and went on. After the fudge we didn’t really go anywhere and we just walked around until we went out for dinner, the restaurant was called Hymans Seafood. It was a really good place and I ordered shrimp and grits. So after that we went back to the boat and went to bed.    
                                                                                                                                                                          The next day we woke up and it was really cold and I had to snuggle up in my scouty blanket to stay warm, after we got set up we headed out to explore the town and once again… we went to the fudge store and got 4 pieces of fudge (that’s a lot of fudge) and we went to some museums and dungeons (ya, dungeons) and that took up most of the day. Some things that I learned at some places is that they did a lot of slaving and their dungeons are really creepy. I also learned some things about the civil war that were pretty cool. After that we managed to get some wings and nachos at a store. On the way back, we took some looks at a couple war ships from World War 2 including an aircraft carrier, a frigate (small battleship) and a submarine, pretty cool stuff! And so… that’s about it at this place and we are going to head out tomorrow and the South