We stopped for a day to visit Charleston and visit our favorite wings place.  Sticky Fingers!!!  first the wings are smoked for a few hours.  2.  Chilled over night.  3. Dusted with spice mix, not bread, and quick fried.  Delivered with no sauce, but 5 different sauces on the table.  Absolutely amazing!!!

So little time and soooo much chocolate. It was a hard decision,  and then there are the fresh fudge stores!

Sahara had a deprived childhood with a "stay at home Dad" and never had any dolls to play with.  So i offered to buy her one of these dolls.  Still didn't want one.   Charleston old homes from the water front.

Lots of horse drawn carriages around.  And one that really had to work hard.

Neat lawn ornaments along the ICW

Serious Coast Guard Presence in the area.  The boat on the right is a little boat with a BIG gun.
A very very  very fast sailboat.  The chase boat could not keep up with it.  Completely out of the water!!!
and the most ugly boat we have ever scene.  A tanker, but still sooo ugly.

Went past a military air base that was practicing landing.  We had these jet fighters looping around us for about 15 minutes.  Very impressive to see them move so quick and fast.  The pelican was not impressed though.

Devon and Tara waiting to go to Sticky Fingers. A dolphin that was acting strange and flipping around in the water.