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Back home!!!!!

We are back in Cookstown.

The Boat is at Bert Jabin's Boat Yard in Annapolis Maryland.

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          Below:  Anchored behind Allen Cay facing north.  Boat is 3rd from left.

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Catching up

Posted by Sahara on Monday, December 30, 2013, In : keys 

December 27th  : In and Around Biscayne Bay.

Three days ago- yes, I know, we never actually write the blog on the day that it happened- we got up early and left our anchorage. Oh yea, we left the marina the day before that... So that would have been... Thursday? Let’s just say that. Anyway, we had originally planned on going out by the reef to do snorkeling, but our forecasts of the wind had been way off- I mean like WAY off-, meaning that the forecast had said 6 knots, yet in reality- yes, ...

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Key West

Posted by Devon on Monday, December 23, 2013, In : keys 
December 20th

 Three days ago we arrived at port largos at around 6:00 and didn’t really do anything, which was because we were tired. Though the next day we rented a car and went to Key West(locals call it Key Weird) which was made for salvaging shipwrecks and treasures and is the most west Key. It was a pretty fun place because we visited a 2 treasure museums and found out that they had a lot of cool stuff, for example we were allowed to pick up a big silver bar at a museum and it was supe...
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Timing to Key Largo

Posted by Bryan on Monday, December 23, 2013, In : keys 
December 19th
After our great visit with the Morrisons, we decided to head over to Marina Del Mar.  Only 5 miles by car, but by boat it was over 30 miles away.  It was on the other side of the key from us and there are limited places to cross over.  These crossings were scary, as on the map they only showed 4 feet of water.  But according to reports there was over 7 feet of water!!  Hummm...whom to trust.  So we left at 6:00 in the morning, before the sun came up to hit the cut (Sand Cut, at t...
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Key Biscayne

Posted by Bryan on Sunday, December 15, 2013, In : keys 
We got the boat ready to leave today.  Emptied waste tanks, filled water tanks, oil change, new cooling water engine pump installed and a few other projects.  Gerry stopped by to say good by and we left Miami.  Our weather window closed up and we will not be crossing to the Bahamas for at least a week.  You have to have southerly winds to match the north flowing gulf or it is just too rough.  But there are fun places to go so we are not too upset.  

We crossed the Biscayne Bay to Key Biscayne....
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