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Back home!!!!!

We are back in Cookstown.

The Boat is at Bert Jabin's Boat Yard in Annapolis Maryland.

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          Below:  Anchored behind Allen Cay facing north.  Boat is 3rd from left.

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Norfolk Virginia

Posted by Bryan on Friday, November 1, 2013, In : Traveling 
October 31st.
Norfolk is an old town that has been so built up in the last 100 years, it is hard to find the "old town".  There are huge shipping lanes going right in behind the city (away from the ocean side).  Giant tankers, military ships, aircraft carriers, battle ships, etc... are all traveling in the little river way.  Along with a 1-2 knot current and not much room.  Then the constant calls by the Navy to boat that are too close to the Navy ships.  Quite a busy place there.

Here are some...
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Posted by Sahara on Friday, November 1, 2013, In : Traveling 

October 31st,

Today we got an early start heading to Norfolk, as the reports were for 30-40 knot winds today. Mom and Dad began the day with pulling up the anchor and starting the engine… which are loud… at 7:00 in the morning.  Needless to say it woke Devon and I up.  So that was how our uneventful day started.  Now I will skip to the part where it got exciting. We were just on the edge of Norfolk, in the beginning of the afternoon, and admiring the giant tanker heading our direction.  Mo...

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Posted by Devon on Friday, November 1, 2013, In : Traveling 

October 30th we were motoring out of Deltaville and we were pretty much the only ones out. Suddenly, there was a really loud BA-BANG!! And I thought that the propane exploded or we were getting shot at. Since it was behind us, I ran down and checked the aft cabin but there was no damage. So I went back up, and a bit later there was a radio call that said it was the "sound of freedom" (a fighter jet going faster than the speed of sound.) So we were all relieved that no damage has been done to ...

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Going to Baltimore

Posted by Bryan on Wednesday, October 2, 2013, In : Traveling 
We traveled up to Baltimore, well almost there.  We anchored a short distance away so we could arrive in the morning.

Somebody saw our Canadian flag and came out to meet us and Willy was a super nice guy.  Offered us a slip up in Baltimore and a ride in town, etc...  

Passed under a big bridge on the way.

Most importantly, WE CAUGHT FISH!!!!!  1 blue fish and one Striped bass.  Both 12 inches long.  Threw back the striped bass.  Ate the Blue.  
Forgot to take a picture of it in all the excitement...
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Posted by Bryan on Friday, September 27, 2013, In : Traveling 
The moss bunker (manhadden) different name, same fish.  The were schooling up and we believe stripped bass were chasing them.  It was like watching the wave as the fish jumped.  We had no luck catching any.

As we travel, we do school work, read, and Sahara likes to draw.

Devon is reading, and in the solar oven we have jambalaya.

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