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Back home!!!!!

We are back in Cookstown.

The Boat is at Bert Jabin's Boat Yard in Annapolis Maryland.

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          Below:  Anchored behind Allen Cay facing north.  Boat is 3rd from left.

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Posted by Sahara on Sunday, April 6, 2014, In : Delays 

We’ve had some unexpected problems, but nothing too major. Still, we had to head back to the states early to get them fixed. At our last marina docking in Bimini, some motor yacht hit the back of our boat while we were visiting with the Morrison’s.  So the railings are all pulled out, and parts of the deck are coming up, and the dinghy is slightly warped. But don’t worry, thanks to our aluminum dinghy, we scratched up their boat pretty bad. Broken windows, scrapes, and the like.

So we...

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Another delay

Posted by Bryan on Monday, October 28, 2013, In : Delays 
We were ready to head south today, but yesterday we ran into a little problem.  The impeller of the generator died.  This is part of the pump that pulls water into the generator for the cooling system.  The safety shutoff switch worked great, so no damage of overheating happened to the generator, but it meant more delays.  It was Sunday, so nothing was open to find spare parts.  We have since ordered two, that will arrive in Deltalville, our next stop south.  A few days without the Generator ...
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