December 27th  : In and Around Biscayne Bay.

Three days ago- yes, I know, we never actually write the blog on the day that it happened- we got up early and left our anchorage. Oh yea, we left the marina the day before that... So that would have been... Thursday? Let’s just say that. Anyway, we had originally planned on going out by the reef to do snorkeling, but our forecasts of the wind had been way off- I mean like WAY off-, meaning that the forecast had said 6 knots, yet in reality- yes, there is such a thing, sadly- it was 26 knots. So it was way too rough for snorkeling.



We ended up heading farther north to a small protected bay area, where it was 8 feet deep and you could see the bottom from the boat. So we anchored, and got our stuff together, and made the daring leap- flop- into the water. It wasn’t as bio diverse as the first spot we went to with the charter, yet we saw things we didn’t see there, such as different plants and fish. We swam for a while, did a check up on the anchor- which was like 100 yards from the boat- saw some fish, chased said fish, took weird pictures, and tried to avoid the scary looking plants. All in all, a very normal snorkeling trip.

Two days ago- sorry, we had written the blog earlier, but people kept getting distracted by there video games, so I have to keep going back and changing this. We got up- I’m not going to say early, since that isn’t true- and ate some very good muffins, and headed off up north to No-Name harbor. Who comes up with these names anyway?? We sailed most of the way, since it- again- was 20+ knots. Altogether it was a very uneventful trip. When we got to the place, we had to go through an army of like 300 little minie sailboats having a race.

We anchored- again, very uneventful-, went for a swim that I thought was warm but everyone else thought I was crazy, and just sat around for the rest of the day. Then we had pizza which was very delicious for diner.

Yesterday, we got up, had pancakes, almost crashed the boat into a 7 million dollar mega-yacht, almost hit the very expensive house while trying to avoid said yacht- this was totally NOT while I was driving, of course( not my fault, the steering went wonky all of a sudden)-, and drove to Dinner Key marina to get a pump out and meet Gerry. He was coming on to help us navigate the very scary river of Miami while heading up to a new marina where we were going to leave our boat for a week while we visit family- you know, those scary relatives that you try to avoid admitting your related to-. We had to go under 8 lift bridges, and more ones that were very high. I was on the radio-duty, meaning that I called the bridges requesting an opening, Devon was on wave duty- he didn’t do this very well, and made some bridge tenders very unhappy-, dad was driving, and the rest were just relaxing. IT wasn’t a very long trip, only about 2 hours, maybe even less.

Entrance into Miami River                                                               Dads next fixer upper                   

We got there around 1. It’s a strange marina, meaning it has more cats than human or boat residence. Like, at least 20. However, we had been on cat withdrawal, so it was okay with us. The only thing is, you had to be careful, as they will come on your boat if you are not there or at night! The cats were very friendly after giving them leftover ham and tuna… Made lots of friends. Also got lots of pictures. One of the cats made some pretty funny faces too, and its amazing how many shapes they can make their tails.



It is really, really hot out, and writing this is not helping, so this is going to be the end. This is like the worst ending in all of existence.