December 25 and 26th

A couple days ago at a grocery store we got a lot of pina-colada and margarita mixes which were normal, strawberry, lime, mango, and orange drinks. My favorite was the strawberry margarita because I like the strawberry flavor and I don’t know why. We had pina-coladas nearly 3 times every day because they were so good, I even think that we should have got more for that same reason.

For Christmas we first had our presents opened and we got some pretty nice stuff, including a t-shirt that had a sharkfin with a bite mark on it with a logo of “bite em back” beneath it which I got for Sahara.

 I got the movie "The Sea of Monsters” from Sahara that we watched that night and it was really cool. Sahara and I got some good body-boards with a hard plastic layer on the bottom for better durability.
After the presents, we went to an all you can eat breakfast buffet and that lasted till 11:00 am. When we got back, we made some pino-coladas and went swimming for an hour and a half. We had to leave at 2:45 or else we would have missed our cookies and popcorn at 3:00, so we got a couple cookies and popcorn and headed back to the boat and made a normal lunch and about then, I started to make my chocolate pie which ended up tasting very good, mom was working on the crust and I was working on the filling. When it was done we started making a super steak dinner (for Sahara) which included steak, asparagus, mushrooms, and lettuce. It was a really good diner because it had steak and a pie, so it was good. So after diner we ate the pie and watched the movie and that was all that we did on christmas


We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.