February 21-27

After finally leaving Staniel’s 6 days ago, we headed down to Whitepoint, which is a point- obviously- on Great Guana Cay. We stayed there for two nights, swimming and exploring the small beach there- we even found an osprey nest, osprey included. Then we headed down to Blackpoint, which everyone says has great laundry service. Blackpoint community is much larger than Staniel’s, and much livelier as well. It has at least 3 restaurants, a laundry service- which has about 20 washers and half that many dryers- a grocery store, and lots of very nice people. 
when we came back, we went snorkeling off the back of the boat. Discovered this lovely specimen of fish, called the ramora, stuck to the keel. Ramora's are the fish you see sucked onto sharks and rays. And, apparently, boats.
At the end of the day we visited the sand flat, which is almost completely dry at low tide. Since in wasn’t quite that, there was still half a foot of water in most places. We had brought a football, and learned that its hard to throw when wet. Had a brief moment of panic when we saw a shark heading for us, but after getting its picture taken, it didn’t want to bother us.
The second day we were there we went to a fundraiser event on Regatta Point, which had a great lunch, loud music, and lots of people, boaters and locals alike. There was an empty boating dock on the point, and the local kids and Jesus- not actually Jesus, but certainly the hair style- were doing crazy jumps off of it. They would do backflips, flips, dives, swirls, and many other actions that I could not even hope to accomplish. Oh, and they would try to land as close to each other as possible without actually landing on them. 


                                               These are bananas, as you probably know. Bahamian                                                                                                   bananas, obviously. Fresh off that tree way down there
                                                on the nice sandy beach...

The rest of the day was spent doing massive loads of laundry- 3 washer’s worth- and stocking up on enough food to make it to Georgetown.  The next day we headed over to the beach on the north-east side of the island, where there wasn’t very good waves, but it was a nice beach. Had lots of seaglass that had to be collected, and a giant sand pile that had to be climbed. Simply because then you could do crazy jumps off it that were quite fun if you didn’t hit any rocks at the bottom. After that we went back to the boat, where we cooked up a slab of steak, rolls, and potatoes. All in all, a very good day. 

On one of those days we spent on Blackpoint, we met up with the Morrisons.We attempted to go lobstering-another one of those made up verb type words- with them, however even though the coral looked perfect, we found none.(But, we did find a shark trying to get the illegally caught grouper in a fish cage) So we had to buy some off the fishing guys.. along with the mahi, it was a great diner.