December 15th (Second time posting this)

We woke up to the lovely feeling of being eaten alive by blood sucking zombie bugs. SOMEONE had left the hatches open the night before because they thought there wasn't going to be any bugs. So we quickly ate some pancakes that had some suspicious black spots in them and hurried off to the beach. Which was supposed to be the 7th best beach in all the US. I don’t know who made up the list, but hey obviously hadn't been to many beaches. I mean, the number 1 beach was only number 1 because you could see rich and famous people picking up trash.
 Anyway, at the beach there 
wasn't much stuff. just sand, water, more sand, Spanish people playing in sand, seaweed on the sand, seaweed in the water, and some scary anorexic person who dad thought the bugs had sucked all the life out of. Anyway, the water was clear and warm-ish, and the sand was soft, so we decided to test out the masks and snorkels and go swim in some grass. The only interesting thing we found out there was a big sand dollar type thing. We decided that the water wasn't exciting enough, so we went back to the beach and made some sand things. I can’t say castles because, well, they weren't castles. Just strange sand creations.
 When we finally headed back to the boat, warily as we 
didn't know if the bugs were still there, and found out they were. However, they were not too bad in the afternoon, but after diner- they are nocturnal buggies- they started coming out of whatever swampy stinky gooey festering hole from whence they came and started laying siege on our boat. Finally we convinced dad that we had to leave, as I would lie down and die if we had to spend a night in this. (They somehow kept getting into the boat).
When we got to our new anchorage, we spent- meaning Devon, dad, and mom- and hour trying to kill all the remaining bugs in the boat. And I 
didn't’ call them zombie bugs for nothing. Devon's tactic was to turn on all lights, then when he saw bugs flying around the light, bash it with a pillow. Mom and Dad just calmly wiped them off the ceilings and walls with a cloth. I just lay in my bed with my fan on blowing all bugs out of my space for someone to bash/wipe up.                                                                                


Saw some strange houses on stilts. Only people who live here strongly worshiped the sea gods.

See the 4 motor boats??  They drifted all over.  No idea how to set anchors.  Motor boaters are not the brightest.