We took a short 8 mile trip today from our peaceful anchor last night to Belhaven North Carolina.  The Night was so calm, not what was foretasted.  Another boat we have been cruising with was anchored at the other end of the Canal and had 30 knot winds!!!  We had 30 knot winds on the way here, but the river is narrow and although windy, it was not rough.  We got the auto pilot fixed (well.....ok, not fixed, but re corrected the pilot error of button pushing and reset the correct settings so now it works wonderfully).  We had not been able to use it on the crossing, possibly because of the weather, but no chance with the bad settings.  It was more in the Motor boat quick steering setting.  

Belhaven is a quiet little town built on fishing and farming.  We ate lunch at a southern dinner that only serves breakfast and lunch and had some nice simple sandwiches. Then checked out the museum (see kids posts after).  Quite a place, not what we had expected.  We recommend it to everybody.  You could go there over and over and see new things each time.  

Devon and I changed the oil as Tara and Sahara took the golf cart to go get groceries.  We have now put 100 hours on the engine since we started.  Usually don't need to change the oil till every 150-200 hours, but since the engine was completely rebuilt, we are using the "new" engine recommendations and changed it early for the first one.  It was not a hard procedure, but took longer this time. Devon and I added some valves and hoses so next time it will be a  quick connect to a pump and away we go.

Belhaven has a large break wall on the south end of the river.  Nice and protected.  You can see it past the boats in the picture.