ICW Swan Point, New River Inlet Nov. 06

 Today was not the most exciting day, just more marshes and canals and bridges. For the first half of the day it rained on and off, and was very foggy out. The most excitement in the morning was the first bridge, where mom freaked out about height issues. But, like I told her, you find out if you are too high for the bridge fairly quickly. We did see dolphins heading out of Beaufort, but briefly.   Hmmm... Now I’m trying to remember what else we did, but since we were doing school work, I can’t remember anything. Coming into Swan Point, we passed through a school, or pod I guess, of dolphins, maybe around 15-20. These were more active than the first group, and were jumping and playing. We did get to take some pictures of these, with our uber duber zoom camera.
(line on dolphin is a reflection of the mast..the  dolphins were very close to the boat)

 When we got docked, which was not the smoothest docking ever, as we were fighting a current, Mom, Devon and I went out kayaking. We visited this small island, which was mostly beach, and was covered in shells. Mom was the only one wearing sandals, so Devon and I cut our feet a bit (Or at least I did, not sure about Devon’s feet). There were some pretty cool shells, and I had started to collect a few (Devon brought back a 50 pounds of them), however these were forgotten when mom found a skeleton in the grass. In case you didn’t know, I have a strange hobby of collecting bones. These were big, and hollow, so we figured they belonged to a heron or a pelican. I spent the rest of the time at the island cleaning them, and trying to figure out which ones to take back, which was a hard decision. Mom let me take back a few. As a told mom, the sign of how much someone loves you is not how much they take you shopping or buy you clothes, but how many bones they let you collect and bring back. By the time we got back to the boat-fighting the current, I might add-it was constantly drizzling. So even though we didn’t go swimming, we were completely soaked. Then-and here is the strange part- mom and Devon went to take showers. I mean, we just had a shower, so why take another one??? Alas, there are some things in this world I will never understand.