Ponce De Leon Inlet
December 3

Today we went and exlored a "Spoil Island".  These are created when they dredge.  But this island has been left for many years based on the trees on it.  There was a strange mailbox on the island, but signs of any humans.

Then we headed over to the beach...New Smyrna Dune Beach.  The kids kayaked over and we took the dingy....with the motor power!  There was a strong out going current that pushed us most of the way to the beach.  We towed the last bit across the channel.

There was quite a strong current that was fun to play in.  This park is a peninsula with the ocean on one side and the ICW on the other side.  Probably a 4-5 knot current.  You can see the current against our legs, the rock wall in the background is the break wall protecting the inlet to the ICW.


Devon dug a big hole as we were watching the dolphin Frolick in the water.  He actually caught a dog in his hole!!!  Some ugly little thing came by to smell him and fell in the hole.  It was quite a laugh.


We then walked over to the ocean side and went swimming.  The only difference between us and all the other people in the water was the surf boards.........and wet suits.  It was pretty cold.  Between 58-64 degrees based on the water report.  But we live in Canada....that is like the local pool in August!! (no, not really).  But the surf was up and it was fun to eat lunch on the beach and watch them.  Especially the Thor Surfer Dude.

On the way back to the boat we followed a few dolphin who were also Frolicking in the water.  We have a lot of fin and splash pictures, but few good pictures.  They are too fast and keep coming different places.  The day before we saw full flips from them!!!

Then, at the big sandbar, Devon and I built a big dam and broke it as Tara and Sahara annoyed more birds.  They also hosted some Olive Snail races.  I am not sure what was more fun to watch.  The water fill up behind Devons dam or the snails.

Then to finish the day, of eating jambalaya cooked in the solar oven, we watched a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral.  Although it was 40 miles away, we could still see it. (read more in other post)