Oct 2nd and 3rd.

We spend 2 days seeing Baltimore.  First day we went to the Science center that is right on the Harbor water front. 

That night we went over to another boat for Burgers.  Through a mutual Canadian friend, we met the Morris family who is also traveling for the year down to the Bahamas with their children, ages 12, 13, and 18.  They are traveling on a motor trawler (but we still like them).  Sahara and Devon helped them catch some crabs in Baltimore harbor that night, came back with a bucket of 16 crabs!!  Didn't eat those however.  It was great to meet another family with children and compare stories.  We are hoping to meet up with them again along the way.

We spent the next day going to the aquarium with them.  The spitting fish from Australia were our favorite.  The volunteer would hold a stick with crickets over the tank and the fish would spit water and knock them all into the water, then eat them up!


A view of our boat from Federal Hill.  Can you see it?  Other side of the first row, facing the camera.  Look for the kayaks.

We did not get to see Fort McHenry, because of the government shut down. 
But we saw it from the water.