Motored up the harbor, passed Fort Henry and the Francis Scott Key Buoy.  The buoy marks the location where he apparently was held in a ship as he watch the attack and had the inspiration for the poem that became the national anthem.

We made it to the dock! (Always nervous driving this boat in close quarters and docking, still new at this)

We are at a marina within a few hundred yards of a few cool ships to see.  We took two tours today.
The tall ship was the USS Constellation.  
The cannon only weighs 7,000 lbs.  No Devon, we can't put one on our boat.  Although if we could.....I definitely would!

The Sub was the USS Torsk
We decided Haas's don't fit into submarines.  Devon is already almost too big for the bunks.
This sub was the last sub in WW2 to sink an enemy vessel.