We were ready to head south today, but yesterday we ran into a little problem.  The impeller of the generator died.  This is part of the pump that pulls water into the generator for the cooling system.  The safety shutoff switch worked great, so no damage of overheating happened to the generator, but it meant more delays.  It was Sunday, so nothing was open to find spare parts.  We have since ordered two, that will arrive in Deltalville, our next stop south.  A few days without the Generator is not a big deal.  My guess is that the 1.5 years the generator sat not being used caused the impeller to weaken and crack.  Then when we started to use it, it broke up.  Not easy to get to on the generator, but were able to get the old one off.  

We have stocked up on food as well.  A couple hundred dollars in food to last a few weeks as we power south to get to warm weather as fast as possible.