So on March 31 we finally left the Abacos, and after a 9 hour voyage which was completely dull but had good sandwiches, reached White Cay of the Berry islands. Of course, since there were some very nice beaches at White Cay, we decided to visit them. They also had very interesting rocks. We weren’t even there for 5 minutes before I became enraptured in a glass bottle (to be fair, it was very interesting, it had been melted together, and so looked very cool) and was holding it a bit too hard, and shattered it.


So, inevitably, I cut my hand and it was very bloody-it all came from a half inch cut- so I looked like some evil sacrifice priest running along the beach. I wanted mom to take a picture of it so I could show everyone- because I know you wanted to see it- but they promptly took me back to the boat. Although they did apologize with a very good taco dinner followed by the movie Skyfall.

Anyway, the next day we visited the blue hole which White Cay is well known for. We were joined by the crew of the mega yacht also sharing the anchorage. One of them didn’t know how to swim, so the rest of them spent at least half the time trying to persuade him to get in the water. It was very interesting. I’m getting off track though.  After a 5 minute walk through the trees, you came to the hole. The blue hole was quite large, about 70 meters in diameter, and somewhere between 70 and 1000ft deep. (We got a lot of different information)

There was a 20 foot ledge above the pool, where you could jump off of you were brave enough. IF not, then there was a path leading under the cliff where you could watch the idiots risk their lives. It was very salty water, much saltier than the ocean water, and no fish. At least, no interesting fish.


So the next day we traveled to yet another island on our quest to reach Bimini. And yet another unexciting journey.  Thank god for books. However, this voyage was a little different than any other Bahamas voyage so far. This is because we saw dolphins. A school of them, right by our boat. Now, it doesn’t sound too interesting, but for those who don’t know, dolphins are much rarer here than on the coast, because of the same reason the water is so clear. No plankton, no small fish, and therefore not many dolphins.  And because of the clear water, you could see them. Very, very clearly.  It was very awesome.

And finally, the next day we reached Bimini. After a painstaking 12 hour sail- for we did sail most of the way (motor-sail, anyway)- and many books later, we pulled into the marina. Actually, we fought the 5 knot current which was heading towards the dock so we were careening towards the helpless dock people and safely tied up boats. But we managed somehow. By the way, I’m eating cake. So haha! To all those… people who at the present time don’t have a piece of delicious cake. I’m sorry if that offended anyone. But it’s really good cake.  So I apologize to any people who ended up in a highly guarded prison because they became so overcome with jealousy of my cake that they had to go out and steal some from the friendly local bakery. Because that would be a terrible turn of events. Then I would feel guilty. And not have as many blog readers. And probably would be denied cake for the rest of my life.

Okay, so now that I am completely off topic, im going to end this now before it gets any worse and go write the next blog post. IM being forced into blog-writing slavery on this vessel. Because no one else in the family is nearly as competent in the English language as me. Okay, that’s probably not true. Argh, I really just need to end this thing. 

Because some people want to know how big a cruise ship is: