Hello again, people who follow our blog. Now, just a note, I am going to refer the day that we did this activity as “today” when, in fact, we actually did it on Thursday last week. Anyway, said activity was an Aerial Course. An aerial rope course, in fact. That is when a bunch a people that labor many months to construct a giant obstacle course 50 feet in the air, in which you try to navigate without tragically falling to your death. This is quite difficult to do, seeing as they have high-tech harnesses that reduce your ability to cast yourself to your doom. Although they have had people faint. But no one has died. If you want to see a park in which you can greatly endanger your life, go to Action Park, New Jersey.  But now I am off track.

So at this park they had a couple different courses, each of different difficulty. There were two greens, two blues, and two blacks. The difficulty grew in each course, in the respective order that I wrote. Also of staggering heights, the hardest courses being the highest up, just to make things fun. (However even though the blue was hardly challenging, there was a group of girls, perhaps around 10, who couldn't even step across the unmoving log. But I’m not criticizing.)


Anyway, on to the courses. I am not going to go through each one, more for my sake than yours- although perhaps its vice versa. I shall just go through the favorites of the day. I think, on vote, the best one was the single black course. On this course you needed at least one adult to accompany you- for reasons unknown, as there is nothing anyone can really do for you up there- and was perhaps 60 feet high. There were tightrops, swinging steps, swinging pogo stick type contraptions, and a zip line. All doable under 10 minutes, if you were me. A bit longer, if you were 40 or over. But that is not relevant.

For those persons who were- or are- concerned for our well being, I shall just emphasize that we were, at all times, strapped into a harness which was attached to a giant metal cable which in turn was hooked into a giant platform. The only way we were able to get on and off the wire was if we reached the platform. All other times we were firmly connected to the wire. Meaning you could be in the middle of the trapeze line and just sit there, dangling 60 feet over hard ground, with no worries besides the people coming behind you. But I can’t think of  much more to write, and seeing as I don’t feel like describing the whole complex in excruciating detail, I am going to end this. You will have to go by the many pictures.