For the last three days, we have had a LOT of rain in Gailville MD.  Over 5 inches of rain.  There has been strong  15 knot wind out of the North/ North East, with gusts from 20-30.  Something land lubbers don't realize, is that the gusts of wind are never in the same direction as the wind.  Strange as it is, it becomes supper apparent when in a sailboat.  For example, when at anchor, you boat points into the wind.  You feel the boat roll 5 degrees on its side as the gust hits from off centre, and then swings on the anchor.  It takes some getting use to.  The anchor chain makes weird noise when the chain is not straight out from the bow, so you hear that as well.  At about 15 knots, the wind start to "hum" through the rigging of the boat.  At 30 is more like a whistle.

The picture below is the dingy full of fresh water (I tasted it to make sure).  We have bailed it out at least 3 times with this much water in it.  The black bag is the anchor line.

Over the last 3 days we have discovered a few leaks in the top of the boat that allow rain in.  Nothing major....unless you get 5 inches of rain!  So we have a few places that will need to be fixed once things are dry.  Also, it has been so cold and humid that there has been lots of condensation on inside of windows. A few times we though there were even more leaks, but it was just condensation dripping.  All in all, we are mostly dry, but damp.  Looking forward to a nice dry spell to dry out.

We got some good things at the Annapolise Boat show.  The 90 foot...that is ninety..catamaran had a draft of 6'2.  We didn't want a boat with a draft over  6'0" so we passed on it.  It was 39 feet WIDE...our boat is 42 feet long!!!  It was a BIG boat.
Another great thing about the boat show was bumping into all the people we just met at the Whitby RV.  We made such good friends there.

We met up with an old friend Kristy.  We hadn't scene her in 15 years and had lost touch.  It was great to see her again and catch up her life.  We ate dinner at her husbands restaurant.  Chads BBQ.  IT WAS AMAZING!!  Everything is home made, from the important sauces, to the pickles.  Chad has been head chef at some very high end places, but has a love for BBQ.  Put a high end chef with a love for BBQ together and you have GREAT FOOD.  Not a big place, but it was packed.  Only has been open a few months.
You must go if you have the chance.  Here is a link:  Chads BBQ

We are now waiting out the weather to start heading back to Readville, where we will stay a week as Tara travels back to Canada and then Boston for work and a Conference.

kids found a neat sculptor in town