Nov 8,9,10th.
Wilmington North Carolina to Charleston South Carolina.

We went for 3 days straight on the ICW out of Wilmington North Carolina in an effort to get some distance south.  We knew a big cold front was coming, and the further we could get south the better.  We saw a few dolphins as well as watched the trees change and the spanish moss start to hang on the trees.  We have started to hear Shrimp around the boat.  There is some sort of shrimp that makes a "Snap,Crackle, Pop" sound just under the hull.  Light enough that you don't realize it is there until you go to sleep, or sit very quiet.  Apparently it is something to do with the claws closing at high speeds.(ABC story covers it here)

Devon caught a large turtle in a net along a dock and we have scene lots of birds.  Bald eagles, osprey, pelicans, herons, and many others.  Dolphin have occasionally been around the boat, however we have not been too close to the ocean for a while.

The current has almost always been against us.  Funny how that happens, 2.5 knots at some times.  It is quite depressing, when at the end of the day of traveling 50 miles, you realize you traveled 65 miles through the water....but only 50 over land.

Last night we had the cold front come through as we were anchored in Charleston South Carolina.  Winds got up to 40 knots....about 45 mph and 75 km/h.  If we had been at anchor, I don't think I would have slept.  The constant worry about the anchor dragging.  We put out a double set of dock lines as a "Sleep Security".  It is so much easier to go to sleep knowing that there will be no chance (or just a slim chance, but a lot of noise before it gets bad) of something bad happening.  So other than a little noise, then some really crazy cold weather, we got a good night sleep.  Now, for the Canadians reading this, it was not cold at all.  It was like a spring day.  It got down to 8 night.  But for the southern folks around here, that is mighty darn cold.  Remember, there are palm trees around here (well, trees in that family).

We explored the city a bit and we went to some overpriced history museums as part of the kids "U.S. History" class.  Before we left on this trip, they both got duel citizenship.  So it is only appropriate they learn american history.  And it is great while traveling down the East cost.  There is so much to actually see to help make it feel real.  We saw the fort where the first shots of the Civil war were fought at Fort Sumter. 

And being in the south, we made some biscuits.  Will eventually make some grits. 

Devon's turtle and strange shaped blue house.

Eagles in the trees.  There were many to watch.
Spanish Moss in the trees.  and A strange place to find this three masted ship.  I think it was aground.

Pelican Beach.  Almost ran aground looking at this.   

A School Boat.  This is for picking up kids who live on the ICW water ways.  It was quite swampy in the area and few roads.  "Go wait at the end of the dock for the school boat".